There is a place I can dwell – Jasper Kerkau


There is a place I can dwell, removed from silent gore of emotional life tied to humid residue of lost summers. From failure springs the renewing waters of new worlds laid out–removed of the impurities of dysfunction, bad relationships, tarnished pasts, regressed lives spoiled under the hot sun. A celebration of life! Turning from folly, the endless cycle of death and resurrection, the desire for absolution from a human problem: Lost in people, feeling tied to desire for healthy relationships, nuclear domestic dynamics. It is all so fleeting!

There is a place I can dwell, upright, given to spontaneous laughter, at peace with the balance of universal order, finding a person in the mirror I can live with. Slowly the last forces come in from remote villages, shoulders slumped, spirits broken, bones shattered; the light from their eyes extinguished by the long battle. Longing for the peaceful, tender embrace of loved ones, starting a new life devoid of the endless war against everything, their shattered nerves begin to calm. There is solace in the sun rise, the ceasefire that brings lost souls from a life of peril–and conflict–to the hearty meals, comfort on either shoulder: Silence. Is this merely a mirage?

 There is a place I can dwell, benign rumors of demise, refuted with archaic parchment written on the heart, shown to elders who rub long beards, nodding silently as bread is broken, ceremonial wine consumed out of ornate cups. A world of possibility beckons with the hustle and bustle, normal lives being led in quiet satisfaction: Ah, everything is actually going to be alright! The grass eventually pushes the dark red stains of war off its leaves. The moon hangs passively in the sky as tired souls find solace in soft bed, the smell of candles and the laughter of children. The war over, the battered souls finally at rest. I find my place there, away from the carnage, emotional wounds heal slowly; at last, the world opens again with all of its blissful majesty.

Jasper Kerkau (9/27/16)

Author: jasperkerkauwriting

I am trying to write myself out of the darkness.

9 thoughts on “There is a place I can dwell – Jasper Kerkau”

  1. The silent gore of emotional life. YES.
    People talk of ‘dwelling’ in the negative. I see it as you do, a place of rest where you can dwell on life without being confronted with the attacks that come with any form of silent contemplation.
    Makes me wonder … what are they afraid of? They who tear the coats off those who stand still watching for the moon?
    But people have always been afraid of the truth.
    Glad you’re not.

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  2. I am now among the converted. Just bought Jar for the jarring on Amazon. And to answer your question, though I know it was meant to be rhetorical, people are afraid of the big nothing that exists at the core of everything, the lack of meaning to their trivial existence; it is menacing and horrifying for most. A thousand years rumbles and crashes into the sea and doesn’t make a dent in time. We shuffle, bend, and, and struggle through our lives never aware that most of what we do is nothing. We like to convince ourselves we are special, that what we do matters. We eat and procreate and die, along the way some of us catch little glimpses of the secret that sits in the center and knows; besides that, we are terrified children feeling our way through the dark. My guess you are one of the special ones who catch the glimpses of the secret.

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  3. Ah Jasper my new friend…. I knew a boy called Jasper as a little girl he was two years younger than me, whilst his parents were out we re-diverted his cottage’s stream that ran alongside, I don’t know why we just felt a need to, and got into terrible trouble afterward, he always has a good spot in my heart as a wayward soul who did not take on the foppery of others, I suspect you to be similar minded. True all that you say, especially so of those who go through the ‘grind’ without lifting their heads, the Marxists were right about that and so much more besides, give them a belief all is well they will not question. But why some do (question) still I am not sure, and yes, if I could count myself as anything beneficial it would be a person who questioned … not sure I am privy to any secret or insight as yet but I do try to raise my head though at times there are fiends out there keeping it down for the sake of the menacing we all feel if we are aware of it. xo


  4. Thank you. Silence here, often. Only broken by the mostly sane sounds of donkeys, children, cow bells, ravens, hawks, tractors: – with the exception of the occasional mirage, screaming overhead, coming to our supposed defence, in these French Borderlands.


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