No Conscience

Whiskey Tales and Spells


I was gifted this image with the prompt of “conscience” — something I have been struggling with internally for a long while.  These words poured from me – no sieve to catch the granules of ridicule and no salve to soothe the burn of truth.

Split into. What the Devil do I do?  Never the saint, always the sinner but redemption never matters. The light splinters my darkness into more dangerous and ragged fragments.  I choose not the path of least resistance as that keeps me from consummating with my depraved shadow.  The voices I give names and develop plots to keep me entertained.  But I deny myself a conclusion as that would force a hand that I hold in illusion.  The guilt seeps into the ink but dries faster than the masterful kiss of a forbidden lover. If only I believed in the power…

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Author: jasperkerkauwriting

I am trying to write myself out of the darkness.

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